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IELTS is an exam of English language proficiency. Learning a language takes time and hard work. If you are unhappy with your outcomes, here are some recommendations to regard before giving the test once again.

As a reminder, your International English Language Examination System (IELTS) test determines your ability of English speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Once you have completed your Express Entry profile, you can redo your IELTS exam as much as you want to improve your score. Moreover, if you score top-rank in your IELTS, you can be rewarded with a maximum of 160 points! Isn’t it great?

Besides waiting in the express entry pool, we also advise you to keep trying to improve your English proficiency. This exam could be the ascertaining aspect of your immigration process. Also, don’t forget that Canada is a bilingual province that means you can obtain even more Canada immigration scores for your French abilities – Proven by your TEF outcomes.


IELTS has no official boundaries on the number of times an applicant wants to redo the IELTS. Unlike the rules for the TOEFL, there is no significant waiting time before taking the IELTS again, and IELTS states that test-takers may register for another exam “as soon as they feel ready to do so.” Also, there exists no curb on how frequent applicants may give the exam within a determined duration of time, yet this is liable to examine accessibility in a particular region.


There is no difference between the registration method for an inceptive IELTS examination and a redo considering all the same fees. Students register directly with the test centers in their region. Moreover, exams location and dates may be perceived by searching the IELTS website.


The IELTS is a major exam to accomplish your Canada PR dream So before redoing your exams always remember, an IELTS applicant should read and prepare for:

  • IELTS Information for Candidates
  • IELTS application form
  • Examiner approved IELTS tips
  • What to expect on test day
  • Prepare for IELTS checklist
  • Practice sample questions.

We recommend you take an English language course. Learning a language takes time and involves hard work; therefore, the best way to prepare is to take an English course. The feedback you receive from your teacher will help you improve the specific skills involved in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English.

Why aren’t assessment criteria for Listening or Reading components released? IELTS listening and reading papers contain 40 questions and each correct item is awarded one mark; therefore, the best raw score an applicant can gain on a test is 40. Band scores ranging from Band 1 to Band 9 are awarded to applicants based on their raw scores.

Rest and relax. Get plenty of rest the night before your test. Also, ensure you are familiar with the test’s location before exam day so that you reach in time.

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Wish a Good Luck to you!

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