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How to get Express Entry to Canada?

Express Entry to Canada is one of the most popular immigration systems that is offered to permanent residents of Canada. It was introduced by the federal government in January 2015 as the replacement of the “first come first serve basis” process.

As the name suggests, express entry let’s skilled people migrate to Canada along with their families in as little time as 6 months. There are three different federal programs for immigration. The number of applicants has been on a hike as the years are passing. Various applicants are ranked based on points. The potential applicants that rank the highest are issues ITAs which means Invitations to Apply to become a permanent resident of Canada.

At the end of 2019, the immigration minister of Canada declared that they are willing to entertain more than a million potential applicants and their families for the best three years. Out of this, one-third of immigrants would be invited through The Express Entry System. Anyways, the pandemic changed the scenarios altogether. Now, everything is better so, now let’s have a look at the actual Express Entry System and how it would work.

What do you mean by Express Entry and How does it work?

Express Entry is not an immigration program but an online system that is created to handle Canada’s immigration application intake.

Profiles of applicants are ranked against each other as per the point-based system which is known as CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). The candidate who is ranked top gets an invitation to apply for permanent residence. The application who receives the invitation to apply needs to submit the complete application as soon as possible along with the processing fee within 60 days. The federal government completes the PR applications process in only 6 months.

How to Apply for Express Entry

Step 1: Look if you fit under the eligibility criteria or not

  • The people who are aspiring to avail immigration to Canada can find that they fit under the eligibility criteria or not with the help of two methods. The two methods will help you find out that you fit in the eligibility criteria for the Express Entry program.
  • The candidate needs to answer some questions that are asked to look whether you will be able to fit under the minimum requirements or not.
  • Applicants can submit an employment profile if they do not have a job offer or provincial nomination to the Canada Job Bank to look for a Canadian employer.
  • Candidates need to submit an expression of interest (EOI) profile to Express Entry Pool if they meet the minimum criteria for permanent residence across 347 occupations which include Management, Engineering, Information Technology & Sciences, Skilled Trades, and many more.
  • The factors required for selection criteria include work experiences, education, age, language proficiencies, and more.
  • The answers that the candidates have given should be precise and accurate as the answers that candidates have submitted will let them know about the program that they are eligible for.
  • The candidates are offered three immigration plans which have various needs and requirements. The candidate will be provided with ten to fifteen minutes for the completion of the form.
  • There are three immigration programs under Express Entry, and each has different requirements. You will need about 10 to 15 minutes to fill out this form.

Step 2: Keep your documentation work updated or we can say keep your documents ready

  • The candidates that fit the eligibility criteria have to keep their documents fully prepared and ready like the results of the language test, for showing whether you fit under the eligibility criteria of Express Entry. Some of the documents might take much time, so the candidates need to prepare documents before.
  • The candidates need specific documents at the various stages while applying in the process of Express Entry.
  • The candidates do not require uploading the documents while submitting their profiles. But the candidates required the information from few or all the documents
  • The candidate might need to complete some extra steps while we are creating their profile or filling their application. Those extra steps include the results of the language test, the reports of credentials assessment of education if the candidate had applied via the Federal skilled worker’s program. Candidates are required with the provincial nomination and in case you have one, a written offer of a job from my employer that works in Canada in case they have one, documents that are required for applying for permanent residency.
  • In case the candidates are invited for the application then they have to upload the Xerox of documents that they used in their profile.
  • Many applicants or candidates might need to upload more documents such as a certificate from the police, information regarding medical exams, and the proof which shows that they have adequate funds.

Canadians are provided a job offer of their choice in the Express Entry Pool. Applicants with managerial job offers get 200 points, while with provincial nomination get 600 points and for other job offers get 50 points.

Step 3: You need to submit your profile that contains your information about yourself

  • Applicants are asked to provide their information about themselves that they need to provide in their Express Entry profile.
  • In case candidates qualify the eligibility criteria and are eligible for all the factors then, you are then accepted in the group of candidates who applied along with you.
  • Once candidates that are accepted in the group or pool of candidates then they will be ranked in the pool of Express Entry through a point-based system. The score that is given to the candidates is based on the information that the candidates have provided in their profile.
  • Candidates can check their scores themselves with the help of CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). This will let candidates calculate the comprehensive score based on the answers that they have provided. The CRS is a system that is based on points, which help the Express Entry to assess and mark the profile that you have provided. After this, the candidates are ranked in the pool of Express Entry. The CRS is used for assessing your ability of language, the skills that the candidates have inherited within yourself, candidates’ education that they have acquired, and many other factors.
  • The profile that candidates have to submit is through an online form on Express Entry.
  • Candidates who will receive an invitation to apply need to submit the complete application within 60 days as these invitations are issued during the periodic draws.
  • Successful candidates along with their associated dependents will be processed within 6 months.

Step 4: The candidates receive an invitation and have to apply for permanent residence.

  • Any dates are sent with an invitation for applying. The candidates with the highest scores are sent with these invitations, who scored the highest in the pool. In case the candidate that has applied is invited then they will provide 90 days for the submission of the application for the permanent residence.
  • Express Entry will process the Shoes that are entirely completed and have the supporting documents with them within six months or less than them.
  • The candidate should keep few things in mind before applying for permanent residence. The things that should be kept in mind before filing for the permanent residents are:
  • The candidates can only apply for permanent residence via express entry only if they have received an Invitation for applying for the permanent residency.
  • In case the candidate has applied for the invitation then they have gone through some procedure.
  • Any dates that have been applied via express entry and are invited through the same that is valid only for 90 days. Then the candidate should start filling the online form right away so that they can avail of the required information and the documentation that is needed before the invitation expires. The invitation will expire in 90 days.
  • The candidate should follow a few steps to fill out the online form for an express entry in Canada.
  • The candidate has to sign in to their account so that they can get full access for filling out forms.

Edit has to click on the link for applying for permanent residency via express entry.

  • The candidate should keep a few things in mind while filling out the form that all the answers that the candidate is filling should be complete and true as per them. No false information should be provided while filling the form.
  • The candidate should make sure that they fill the entire form properly and do not forget to fill the fields that are mandatory otherwise the candidate will not be able to submit Their application.
  • The candidate can save their information on the form that they have filled
  • Can press back as often as they need to.
  • As already mentioned above that the information that the candidate is providing should be true on their part. In case the information that the candidate has provided is false then up, your application will be rejected then and there.


To make it easy for you to jot down all the necessary documents and organize them, we’ve mentioned a checklist of all the required documents. Go through them carefully, and make sure you don’t forget even a single one.

  1. Identity and Civil Status Documents
  • Birth Certificates: I didn’t need to provide the birth certificate along with their application, adoption certificate is needed in case the candidate is an adopted child. The birth certificate is a necessary document that is required to be given while applying for permanent residency. In case you are residing in a country that does not issue any birth certificate then you can alternatively provide an affidavit that will confirm your birth details.
  • Civil status: Candidates are asked to provide their civil status, that is whether they are single married divorced widowed, or are in a relationship according to the common law. The Candidates are asked to include their civil status proof along with their application. the candidate is single or unmarried then they do not have to provide any document as no document is there for single or married. In case the candidate is married then they have to provide their marriage certificate along with the application. In case the candidate is in common law then they have to provide proof. In case the candidate is divorced then they have to provide the certificate of divorce. And in case the candidate is a widow then they have to provide the certificate of their expired one that is the death certificate.
  1. Passports: The candidates need to provide their passports
  1. Language Test Results: The candidates need to provide the language test results. They do not have to provide the actual copy instead of a xerox. Include a copy of your language test results and that of your spouse as well.
  1. Education Documents: The candidates need to provide their original education credential assessment reports.
  1. Settlement Funds: The candidates should provide that they have sufficient funds.
  1. Work Experience Documents: It should provide their work experience documents.
  1. Job Offers: I have to provide their job offer if any.
  1. Documents to Prove You’re Not Inadmissible to Canada
  2. Proof of Relative: They have to the proof that they have relatives residing in the same country if any.
  3. Photos: You must include two photographs of yourself, your spouse, and dependent child or children as well.
  4. Provincial Nomination: In case you have achieved provincial nomination, you are required to include a photocopy of your nomination certificate.

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