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Immigrate to Canada as a Nurse 2021

Nurses have a huge demand in Canada and are listed on the Canadian NOC list 3012. Also, the professional and qualified nurses are eligible for full Canada permanent residency under the federal skilled worker immigration class based on both the federal and provincial nomination.

NOC list code 3012 nurses and psychiatric nurses

The Canadian National Occupation Classification Codes are the list of selected occupations that represents the occupation that is currently in demand in Canada for foreign immigrants. It is offered in consultation with the official Department of Labor relations and is framed to set the pathway for Canadian immigration policy over the next few years whereby the Canadian Immigration Government has announced their declaration to nominate at least 1,000,000 skilled migrants by 2022.

The NOC list for Canada immigration as a nurse involves registered nurses or registered psychiatric nurses who provide direct nursing care to the patients and are involved in delivering health education programs and providing concern.

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Immigrate to Canada as a nurse:
Different nursing specializations and their overall demand in Canada

Immigrate to Canada as an Intensive Care Nurse

If you are looking for Canada Immigration as an intensive care nurse then you are at the right place. The nurses who have a specialization in intensive care are high in demand in Canada with a salary above average across all the provinces and territories in Canada. As an intensive care nurse, our team will be looking at your experience in the intensive care unit (ICU) thus, providing care for patients with serious life-threatening medical conditions.

Intensive care nurses who are willing to immigrate to Canada may expect a salary of approx $75,000 to $106,6000 per year.

Immigrate to Canada as a Nursing Consultant

As a nursing consultant, the Canadian government will be looking for skills such as acting as a liaison between clients, physicians, and attorneys. Immigrating nursing consultants can be self-employed or work for consulting firms, hospitals, risk management departments, HMOs, and law firms.

The nursing consultants who are willing to immigrate to Canada may expect a salary of approx $78,000 and $109,000 per year.


Immigrate to Canada as a Mental Health Nurse registered psychiatric nurse (R.P.N.)


Those looking to immigrate to Canada as a Mental Health or Psychiatric Nurse, are of specific concern at both Federal and Provincial (State / Territory) Level to Canadian Immigration. Psychiatric unit nurses work for patients with illnesses or diseases that resulted in temporary or long-term hospitalization. They are needed to finish state nursing licensure requirements. Also, many employers want these nurses to hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) due to the complexity of this specialization.

As a Mental Health Nurse in Canada, the expected average salary is $72,717 per year or $37 per hour. This is around 2.2 times more than the national average salary. With more experienced Mental Health Nurses, salary makes up to $112,000 in Canada.

Immigrate to Canada Occupational Health Nurse

As an Occupational health nurse in Canada, they work to stop, examine, and treat clinics related illness and injuries. The current demand in Express Entry terms for those who are willing to immigrate to Canada as an Occupational Health Nurse is high all across the country and majorly on the west coast.

The average salary for an Occupational Health Nurse can be expected to be $67,481 per year or $35 per hour. This is almost 2.1 times more than the average Canadian salary. Moreover, the salary for entry-level positions starts from $46,000 whereas the experienced Occupational Health Nurses can earn $102,000 as a Canadian immigrant.

Immigrate to Canada as a Nurse Researcher

A nurse researcher is a scientist who analyzes, researches, and improves the field of nursing as a whole. For a Nurse Researcher Canada immigrant, the position is highly demanded from the express entry pool for those who possess an appreciable score of CRS points. Moreover, the average salary in Canada for Nurse Researchers exists among the best of all in the world and is more than the average salary of the country.

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Immigrate to Canada as a clinical nurse

For the next few years, the predicted demand for the clinical nurse in Canada is proved to be strong. Clinical nurse specialists are the ones who provide direct concern to patients in a range of one of the specialties, such as pediatrics, geriatrics, emergency care, and so on.

The average salary of a clinical nurse in Canada is $81,335 per year for the one who is on its learning stage. Yet, experienced and specialized clinical nurses can earn up to $138, 000.

Immigrate to Canada as an A&E nurse

The A&E nurses are the ones who provide direct care for an accident or an emergency ward patient. As an A&E Canada immigrant candidate, you will be expected to have past several years of experience in an accident or emergency cases or equivalent role. You are assessed for providing rapid assessment and treatment to the patients in the initial phase of illness or trauma or often in life-endangered situations in emergency rooms and trauma centers.

The demand for A&E nurses in Canada is in a strong position. So, if you are looking to immigrate to Canada as an A&E nurse, we are willing to hear from you.

Immigrate to Canada as a Community Nurse or public health nurse

A community nurse is also known as a public health nurse. To immigrate to Canada as a community nurse, the applicant requires a particular skill set at Masters or post-graduate second-degree level. The average salary for communities nurse in Canada is $25,093 per year or $39 per hour.

Immigrate to Canada as a Registered nurse

Looking for Canada immigration as a registered nurse? Then you are in the right place. Our pure immigration team is expert and specialized in this field of medical immigration to Canada. We help qualified nurses to immigrate to Canada with comfort and ease. Also if you are a registered nurse who wants to immigrate to Canada, we will be helping you to carry out generally the same rule, duties, and responsibilities in Canada.

The average salary of a Registered nurse in Canada is $68, 524 per year, or $35 per year. It is approx 2.0x the average salary in Canada. The entry position for a registered nurse starts from $49,500 while the experienced workers can earn more than $99,000.

Immigrate to Canada as a critical care nurse

The average salary of a critical care nurse in Canada is $77,756 per year or $41 per hour. It is around 2.4 times more than the average salary in Canada. The entry-level positions for the critical care nurse category start at $54,000 whereas the most experienced workers can make up to $109,000.

If you are immigrating to Canada as a critical care nurse Canada once your skills and we would love to hear from you. As Canada is the top medical care providing countries in the world it always looks forward to broadening the debt off its knowledge base and empower its position at the top.

Immigrate to Canada as a Nurse practitioner (NOC Code 3124 Allied Primary Health Practitioners)

The average salary of a nurse practitioner in Canada is $92,679 per year or $48 per hour. It is approx 2.8 times the total average salary of the country. The entry positions start at $68,000 whereas, the experienced workers can earn up to $150,000.


Minimum qualifications required to immigrate to Canada as a Nurse

To immigrate to Canada as a Nurse you’ll need to:

  • Be a licensed nurse in your home country.
  • Illustrate that you’re qualified to work as a Nurse in Canada.
  • Internal benchmarks in a Country of distinct provinces.
  • Possess the required documents such as work experience.

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The medical professionals duly licensed and registered by the nursing law authority in any of the Canadian provinces may only be officially titled as a “Nurse”. Moreover, there’s no national registration body for nurses in Canada. Each province has its own law body and examination procedures.

There are three different types of nurses in Canada:

  • RN Nurses: Registered Nurses Canada
  • RPN Nurses: Registered Psychiatric Nurses Canada
  • LPN Nurses: Licensed Practical Nurse Canada or Registered Practical Nurse in Ontario

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Nurse?

Stage One –
Verification of educational credentials

As an internationally qualified nurse, if you are willing to immigrate to Canada your first task should be to verify your education credentials to secure a positive outcome. It is a vital step in the Canadian immigration procedure. Further, the educational credentials will be assessed by World Education Services.

Within this duration, we also advise initiating the first key step in getting your nursing qualifications recognized in Canada. This procedure is administered by the Canadian National nursing assessment service, NNAS.

An NNAS assessment is the first vital stage in securing both your nursing registration and your Canada PR visa in Canada.


Stage two –
Express entry profile

While you’re and then is assessment is under scrutinizing, it’s time to start creating your express entry profile. To make your attempt to Canada immigration as a nurse a successful one, we will be creating the strongest possible profile for you, as; creating an express entry profile alone is in vain.

We will make you reach your internationally recognized English or French test (or even both). At this stage we also recommend you to start your job search at the earliest while we will be assuring that you secure your nursing registration in Canada. There are several ways to successfully immigrate to Canada as a nurse even without a job offer.

Stage three –
Nursing medical board

Further positive NNAS evaluation, you will have to submit this second stage of your nursing Canada registration by directly applying to the Nursing medical board in the province or territory which you want to immigrate in. As the ground for benchmarking a candidate’s international nursing skills, qualifications, and experience, every province or territory will use your NNAS result against those stated by their respective nursing boards.

Often, any of these two outcomes may occur at this point. Either an application will be approved and invited for a province’s final nursing exam following full licensing and registration or, an applicant may be invited to tackle all bridging courses of study.

If you are looking to match your skills, qualifications, and experience of internationally qualified nurses who are immigrating to Canada with the particular and eligibility requirements of Canadian provinces and territories, we recommend you a free consultation with one of our Canadian nursing immigration professional expert.

Stage four –
Job offer as a backup plan

At this stage, we would analyze the propulsion in terms of your Express entry Federal skilled worker visa. Also, we will be focused on attaining the propulsion via provincial nomination on a job offer as a backup option if an invitation to apply did not materialize.

Once your Canadian nursing registration has been secured, you won’t need a formal job offer for Canada immigration anymore.

Stage five –
Invitation to Apply

The final stage of your Canada immigration as a nurse procedure is obtaining your invitation to apply via the express entry program. You will obtain this invitation on the basis of your express entry profile that either may be strong enough to be selected directly on a federal basis or selected based on your attaining the formal job offer in Canada.

Stage six –

Hurray! Welcome to a new life in Canada. Now, you have up to one year to formally activate your visas.


Q1. Can my family join me when I immigrate to Canada as a Nurse?

Ans. Yes, the rights and privileges awarded to the PR visa holder are automatically passed onto your partners and children.

Q2. Is a job offer needed to immigrate to Canada as a Nurse?

Ans.  It’s not mandatory yet you can immigrate to Canada as a nurse in three ways: 1. Ultimately through Express Entry, 2. With a Job Offer, 3. With Provincial Nomination as a result of vital Nursing Registration.


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