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Biometrics no longer required for some Canadian immigration applicants

Canada is beckoning biometrics needs for permanent residence candidates who bided biometrics in the past 10 years.

Canada no longer needs permanent residence candidates to show their biometric details since they have bided their biometrics in another application within the past ten years. 

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have taken special measures a few months earlier due to the coronavirus pandemic likewise permitting delays for biometric bidding if candidates are impotent to bid them. 

It is unrealized for when all of the biometric gathering service points in Canada and foreign countries will carry on with their operations as usual. 

The shutdown of service points and Visa Application Centers (VACs) has affected the dreams of thousands of Canada permanent residence candidates. 

Many of these willing candidates had yielded formerly for their biometrics in a previous application. 

In addition to this, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) declared in An announcement that Canada has an increasing number of applications from candidates for permanent residence that cannot be accomplished because of the biometrics needs. 

As such, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada object to take the edge off further disturbances on such individuals by beckoning the biometrics needs in specific cases.

Eligible applicants and effective date

According to IRCC, this policy came into work on September 10, 2020. Further, it was invoked on September 22, 2020. Moreover, It will remain in progress obscurely.

Eligible candidates who are free from biometrics gathering needs, no matter whether they are living currently in Canada or a foreign country are those with both of the following:

  • an awaiting or fresh application for permanent residence
  • formerly yielded their biometrics within the 10-year duration before the day on which they yielded their current permanent residence application

About biometrics

Canada has so far freed other international applicants from showing their biometrics because of its remembrance that the COVID-19 pandemic may stop them from operating so.

Biometrics are usually needed for international applicants who are willing and further seek to get a Canadian visitor visa, work, or study permit (except U.S. nationals), refugee or asylum status, permanent residence, a visitor record, or to extend their work or study permit.

These applicants are needed to proffer their fingerprints, photograph, and pay a fee. Canada utilizes biometrics to assure the recognition of international applicants upon their entry to the country.

Who needs to give their fingerprints and photo (biometrics)

Normally, you require proffering biometrics if you apply for,

  • a visitor visa
  • a work or study permit (excluding US nationals)
  • permanent residence
  • refugee or asylum status
  • an extension of your stay in Canada
  • a work or study permit extension

However, there avail some exemptions too.

If you proffer your biometrics in the past 10 years for a visitor visa, work permit, or study permit, and they’re still valid, then you won’t need to show them again if you’re applying to visit, work or study.

CONTACT US now to find out if your biometrics are still valid.

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