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Life of a student in Australia

When it comes to your choice of studying abroad many of us choose the US, Canada, or Australia. The idea of studying abroad is always fun and exciting but it brings lots of questions in our mind.

When you think about Australia’s beautiful beaches, hills and greenery come into the picture, but studying in Australia for an international student might sound a crazy option to begin. Why? Because Australian education makes you a skilled person to handle loads of expenditure with little cash.

We would be discussing briefly the idea of studying in Australia. We would be discussing important points regarding school, subjects, scholarship, colleges, campus life, Australian student visa to migration, and Australian skill assessment.


Let’s talk a bit about Australia and its education system?

Australia is a beautiful county having beaches and deserts. If you are adventurous and love nature, you will have some amazing time with a wide variety of wildlife and plants. The time you spend here will be golden memory in your head.

Australian education system

In 2019 more than 7 lakh international students took admission to Australia. Which was calculated 11% increment in the international students there. This is fairly due to the safety and security the Australian government gives to its students.

If you are planning to study your master’s degree in Australia the tuition fee varies from US$14,400 to US$26,600 and for the doctoral degree, the fee varies from US$10,060 TO US$26,600. NOTE: the fees vary for the course and the University of your choice.

Australia is a country whose education is regarded as one of the best education systems. In Australia, the school is of 13 years and is divided into primary school, secondary school, and senior secondary school.

Australian colleges are huge and dignified. The most popular courses offered are science, arts, business, architecture, engineering, and history.

The best places to study and live in Australia include:

  • Canberra– Is the capital of Australia. There are a hundred universities you will love to study. You will enjoy the festivals in the capital city and other celebrations.
  • Adelaide– in South Australia, there is one of the prestigious university called ‘University of Adelaide’. There are 337 offered courses in the university with more than 20k students studying
  • Melbourne-The city offers amazing malls, bars, and food. Melbourne has a very old and renowned university called ‘The University of Melbourne’. The university offers more than 370 courses with more than 52k students currently studying.


There is a list of universities you dream to study in Australia.

Best colleges in Australia, there are many universities in Australia which are dignified and prestigious. There is a list of universities universally certified. The universities in Australia offer a large number of courses and a beautiful infrastructure.

  • University of Melbourne
  • Monash university
  • UNSW Sydney
  • The University of Adelaide
  • The Australian national university
  • Griffith university
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Western Australia
  • Victoria university
  • Queensland university of technology
  • Flinders University
  • University of Tasmania
  • Kangan Institute
  • Curtin College
  • Melbourne polytechnic Preston campus
  • Edith Cowan university
  • Swinburne University of technology
  • La Trobe University
  • Box hill institute


How is the campus life in Australia?

Australian take care of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. When students choose Australia the education is not only in their minds. Which is entirely perfect because Australian campus life is full of excitement and joy. The college faculty is so immense and well managed that you wouldn’t ever face a problem.

Colleges offer a variety of courses including accountancy, biomedical engineering, etc.

You will have to travel from home to university using public transport as an office person does. It would be a great experience which you will cherish for life. Some universities do offer on-campus staying accommodation facility but those are rare.

The culture and language are easily adaptable but you should practice and learn Australian English before going to Australia. This would make your first few months in the Australian classroom much easy and comfortable.

The university provides modern science labs, amazing libraries, electronic equipment are also available. The campus provides food corners, a gym, and sports ground for basketball, football, tennis, and many more.

How to get a scholarship in Australia?

For any student, scholarship works as financial aid in higher education, which is one of the best aspects of studying in Australia.

There are several scholarships in Australia some of them are listed below-

  • Australia Awards scholarship (government based)
  • International postgraduate research scholarship ( government based) also called IPRS
  • University of Sydney international research scholarship
  • Macquarie university international scholarship
  • University of Melbourne graduate research scholarship
  • UNSW international scholarship
  • Destination Australian Program ( DAP)
  • Australian Government Research Training program (RTP)
  • Australian APEC women in a research fellowship

How to get an Australia student visa?

In Australia student, the visa is one of the most important parts of the story while planning to study abroad. It is comparatively easy in Australia to get a student visa.

For an Australian student visa, you may follow the following steps-

It is a long but yet an easy procedure.

  • Firstly, apply to the university in Australia of your choice and get a Confirmation of enrolment certificate.
  • Secondly, create an account with the immigration authority of Australia than, get all your documents in digital format.
  • Thirdly, fill the visa application including fee submission. There might be a health checkup after a personal interview.
  • Finally, get your decision and fly to Australia.


Congrats you finally have an Australian student visa, that’s just a bull’s eye.


How to get an Australian skill assessment done?

We understand that every job needs specific sets of skills, therefor in Australia, there is Skill assessment done by specific skill assessment authority. Australian skill assessment is for all jobs you are looking for in Australia. There are different authorities for various jobs.

To get your Australian skill assessment you may follow the two steps given below-

  • Firstly, contact the authority which checks the skills for your occupation area. You ay first check all the skills required for your occupation before you apply for the skill assessment for your visa.
  • Secondly, now you have to give the documents related to the same with your visa copy attached. If you get a positive result you can apply for a migration visa.

What are the best ideas for part-time jobs in Australia?

  • Salesmen/ Saleswomen– You can easily apply for this job by going to a nearby shop and giving your resume. You can earn a monthly or hourly payment in this job.
  • Tutor– You can give primary and secondary school students hoe tuition in your specific subject.
  • Freelancing– If you have skills like content writing, story writing, article writing, etc. you can become a freelancer and work according to your schedule. There is various job option in this field online.
  • Bartending – If you have certain skills that are required for becoming a bartender than you can do this job and get very high pay.
  • Receptionist– You can be a receptionist at a hotel, bar, restaurant, or some private office.
  • Delivery men/women – You can try this for your Saturdays and Sundays. Just connect yourself with the website offering hoe delivery and work according to your schedule.
  • Car washing– You can wash a car in your locality or around your university and take a good monthly income for 2-3 hours of work.
  • Digital marketing– If you have a tremendous following on social media or you wish to grow as a social media influencer than you can sell or advertise different products online and earn money by simply posting and sharing. This will also be your passive income source for life.
  • YouTube– If you are someone with lots of skills and talent like if u can sing, dance, dress, do makeup, play an instrument, etc. then you must try YouTube as your part-time job anywhere in the world. It’s a zero investment and will be a source of your passive income for life.

Where to stay in Australia and what would be the expenditure?

We Know by the source that the living cost in Australia is high, we would be discussing all expenditure you will make while studying there but before that let’s discuss where to stay in the country. Australians have to travel home to campus in universities hence, very few universities provide on-campus stay accommodation. So if you are an international student you have to stay in a locality nearby which fits your budget. If you are a university student in Australia. You can stay in the following options-

  • House– You can buy a house in Australia or rent one. The cost of doing so might be high as the property cost in Australia is increasing at a very high rate.

Buying a property- $500,000

Rent a property- 385 AUD – 436 AUD

  • Hostel– Hostels are cheaply available in Australia and would cost less than $23 per day.
  • Hotels– Australian hotels cost anywhere between $55 to $ 238 per night
  • Rent an apartment– Renting seems to be a great idea. Renting an apartment in Australia can cost anywhere between $450 per week to $600 per week.

How much would it Cost living in Australia?

Australia is a fun place to live in. Hence living in Australia would cost a bit more than expected when you understand and start appreciating the cultural activities in Australia.

For a rough idea we can sum up food(140-280 AUD) , security(10-20 AUD), home, electricity(10-20AUD), travelling (100-230AUD) , mobile, internet(30-100AUD), recreational activity (80-100 AUD), stationary and books(20-30AUD). Your monthly sum is around 390-780 AUD.

You should make prior plans for money but they reality might get a bit different.

How is the nightlife in Australia?

Being a student in such a beautiful country recreation seems the most important aspect of living there. Considering that you might have a very busy schedule when you have to go to campus after which you might do a part-time job and then coming back home and cooking for yourself. Isn’t that a tight schedule? If you think so let remind you that when you will step out at night from your home for a walk and enjoy the beautiful night light your stress and tiredness will go away.

Where to go to hang out with friends? You can begin fantasizing your life in Australia when you Google these places- gold coast (where Australian go for partying), visit Fitzroy (which has music, art, and places to eat and drink) if you want to enjoy the light, sea, and cold than you must visit Bondi, visit Airlie beach (party spot), enjoy in magnetic Island and Byron Bay might be the coolest place to enjoy in peace.

There are many festivals celebrated in Australia including the origin field festival which is celebrated in Perth, Australia. It is a music festival celebrated in 2019. There is yet another amazing festival called ‘Melbourne international comedy festival’, Byron Bay Bluesfest, and Woodford folk festival.

Safety and security of international students in Australia 

Australia takes immense care and responsibility for their international students. Despite an amazing campus life, a student’s cherish his/her life in Australia thanks to their stay home facility. They have to travel to campus by using public transport. The public transports are pretty safe. You can rely freely on them. You should enjoy the nightlife of the country with your friends. This will be an amazing time experience but be ready for adversities and despite a happy environment, you must follow all the necessary precautions.

You being an international student should note that you have to be careful while you understand and adapt to the cultural life of a different country. You must take immense care while spending money, you should understand the importance of saving money, you should eat healthy food, and you must understand and learn about the country you are going to study in before landing there. To avoid homesickness you must participate in cultural activities and make friends.

Initially, Australian culture might be difficult to accommodate in but after a couple of months, you will feel secure and happy.

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