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Life of a student in Canada

It is located in the northern part of North America 

Climate – It is a cold country in general but has in particular it has a diverse climate throughout. The pleasant season is spring throughout the country.

The language is spoken- it is English and French are two languages spoken widely in the country. 

Number of institutes– There are 103 universities are present in Canada 

The number of seats for international students- there are about 6 lakh 42 thousand seats for international students.

Government– Canada has a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy system of government.

Education– Canada has a premium education system recognized globally.

Number of students who go to Canada every year

There has been a rise in the number of international students going to Canadian universities, of about 11% in 2017. This is because Canada offers premium quality education and globally recognized degrees. It’s a great choice for a country to live or study in. The country gives a safe surrounding for international students. It is an economically stable and multicultural society that motives students to live, study, or work in the country.

It is well said that the life of a student who studies in Canada has become different. As the job opportunity after studying in Canada are superb, and Canadian universities have more than 5000 global tie-ups which increase opportunities for the students after his/her course. The course curriculum followed by a Canadian university is industry or skill-oriented. Therefore, more than 90% of its graduates get employment in less than six months after finishing their studies in Canada.

Universities and most found for courses in Canada 

  1. University of Alberta – This university gives a huge list of 61 courses offered to its aspirants. The university is present in Edmonton Alberta.
  2. The University of British Columbia-This university gives 59 courses to its aspirants. It is located in Vancouver, British Columbia 
  3. University of Toronto-This university is located in the largest city, Toronto Ontario. It offers 31 courses to its aspirants.
  4. McGill University-This university is located in the beautiful city of Montreal Quebec. It offers a list of 33 courses to its aspirants.
  5. Humber College-It offers 37 courses to its aspirants and is located in the largest city of Toronto Ontario.
  6. The University of Waterloo-It’s a wonderful university present in Waterloo Ontario. It offers 33 courses to its aspirants.
  7. The University of Calgary-It offers 38 courses to its aspirants. It is present in the city of Calgary Alberta.
  8. The University of Windsor-Its offers 42 courses to its aspirants and is present in Windsor Ontario.
  9. Centennial College-It is a beautiful college present in Toronto Ontario offering around 23 courses of different streams to its students.
  10. York University-It is a beautiful college in Toronto Ontario. It offers about 23 courses to its aspirants. 
  11. The Memorial University of Newfoundland-It offers aspirants around 26 courses. It is present it St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador
  12. The University of Ottawa-It offers its students 23 courses and is located in Ottawa Ontario

 Courses most found for in Canada 

MBA – mostly for MBA in subjects like-Finance 

  1. Business marketing 
  2. Banking 
  3. Computer Science & IT
  4. Business & Finance
  5. Core Engineering & Engineering Management

Physical & Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy – subjects like- 

  1. Physics & Astronomy
  2. Medical Physics & Nanotechnology
  3. Geoscience & Oceanography
  4. Oil & Petroleum Engineering
  5. Mining
  6. Geology
  7. Geo-informatics
  8. Renewable Energy
  9. Agricultural Science & Forestry
  10. Biosciences, Medicine & Healthcare

The most in-demand subjects to study in Canada are-

  1. Biological Sciences
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Nursing
  5. Medicine (Specialist Physicians) and Dentistry
  6. Media & Journalism
  7. Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science & Analytics
  8. Psychology & Human Resources

Other Subjects for Job & Immigration Prospects in Canada

  • Architecture (Urban & Landscape Architects)
  • Hospitality (Accommodation & Restaurant Managers)
  • Education (Teachers and Education Counsellors)

Part-time jobs in Canada 

What is the average pay for part tie job in Canada? The average pay for a Part-Time job in Canada is about $42,865 per year which is equal to or $21.98 per hour.

You can do various part-time jobs in Canada

  1. You can work as a Teacher’s assistant

The average pay for this job is about $15.65. 

Requirements for this job- The students with at least one year of experience in a university in Canada 

And also possesses some organizational skills may find it easier to get a job and work as a teacher’s assistant.

  • You can also work as a Tutor

The average pay for this job is about $15.00 to $20.00 per hour. 

Requirements for this job- if you have a keen interest in certain subjects and love teaching, being a tutor is the best part-time job for you. You can start by teaching students at the elementary school level or you can choose to teach students up to the university level. 

  • Server/Bartender

If you have certain skills like patience and you are soft-spoken than you can work as a Server or bartender, you can work in this job on weekends, students take up this job as the working hours are flexible. Usually, the pay is not too high. You can earn between $75.00 and $200.00 (including tips) per night.

  • Barista

You can work here expecting a payment of $11.41 per hour. If you want to work in flexible timing and want a happy environment, then nothing is better than working in a coffee shop. 

  • Uber driver

You can work as an Uber driver if you know driving and have a driving license from the Canadian department. Also, you have to be able to put some money into buying a car for putting it as a taxi for better income. It is becoming a popular part-time job option for international students in Canada. 

Requirements to work as a Uber driver in Canada- the student needs to be at least 21 years, you should have a car and a smartphone. The average Pay can be around anything from $14.00 to $25.58 per hour

  • Freelancer

If you are a student who is interested to work as a freelance writer, web designer, graphic designer or take up any freelancing job available in a particular area where they are skilled than freelancing can prove to be your best income option.

 You can expect a pay of about $25.60 per hour

There are many job options other than these which includes the following-

  • Nanny/ baby sitter 
  • Take care of dogs and cats 
  • Salesperson
  • Translator 
  • Librarian 
  • YouTube

Faculties gave to international students in Canada

Tuition Fees in Canada

Canadian universities are usually less expensive when compared to other major destinations like the US, UK, and Australia. The average tuition fees in Canada for the international undergraduate program from CA$17,337 which is about US$13,350 per year. Of course, the tuition fees vary according to your choice of the type of program you want to pursue and the subject you wish to study. Canada provides its aspirants with attractive scholarship options. Sometimes students get a scholarship on full course fees also.

  • Canada gives assurance of the high quality of life: One of the big questions- why students go abroad? The only answer that comes to my mind is, of course in search of better opportunities. This is one of the big reasons for the students to desire for studying in Canada. Canada is the best option for those considering going to abroad for studying, living, and working. 
  • Canada is home to the world’s top-ranked universities: as already said that Canada provides premium quality education with all its globally recognized universities. Talking from elementary school to post-graduate studies. Canada is home to 103 universities among which 11 comes in the list of 250 top universities in the world.
  • Canada guarantees a promising future for all its students: students who have a degree from Canadian universities get a job within six months. More than 90% of their students settle in the country. They have a premium standard that fits the need of the world today. They teach their students to get ready for work-oriented and skill-based work. 

Canadian culture

Canadian culture is a multicultural country having a mixture of British, French, and American dominating all of the areas and also compete in every aspect of cultural life. Be it filmmaking or writing to cooking or playing sports they are highly competitive.

Canada is known for its players in hockey, its maple syrup, and beautifully cold winter. Bacon is what Canadians also enjoy. Culture is of course the beats of the heart for a nation. 

As countries are becoming more economically integrated, nations need to strengthen domestic cultures and cultural expressions to maintain their sovereignty and welcome a sense of identity.

Canada is known to be a very peaceful nation. Canada has a great worldwide reputation. It is mostly listed in the top position for being the best place to live and cherish the quality of life in the world. Canada has adopted a policy of multiculturalism which is implemented throughout the country and hence is regarded as the best place to study along with the UK.

Rules for international students in 2020

There are 3 changes introduced by IRCC in 2020. They are listed as follow:

  1. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, students have to study online from world-renowned teachers from their Canadian university until April 30, 2021. There won’t be any deduction the course duration when considering a future post-graduation work permit. This is because about 50% of their program of study will be still completed in Canada only.
  2. Those Students who have enrolled in a program that is just for about 8 to 12 months in duration, starting from May to September 2020. They will be able to complete their entire program online from the similar classroom faculty and world-renowned teaching faculty and will be eligible for a post-graduation work permit.
  3. For the students who have taken successful admission in a course that is starting from May to September 2020 would be studying online up to April 30, 2021. Those who graduate from more than one course would be able to combine the course duration for their future programs of study whenever they apply for a post-graduation work permit in the future. This is because 50% of the total studies are still completed in Canada.

For all desiring students, Canada is an amazing option for a bright and adventurous journey. You will be learning from the amazing faculty and enjoying world-class living. You would love the nightlife the country offers you. There are endless possibilities after graduation. Canada provides its students, who study for at least 2 years the eligibility to get a permanent residence in the country, you might consider in future.

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