What is the Labour Market Impact Assessment?

If an Employer is looking for a Foreign Worker for hiring on a Temporary or Permanent basis, he needs to get the approval from the ‘Service Canada’ who assess the job position and further approve it if found worthy. This process is important and has to be done. This process is officially termed as LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment.

LMIA was earlier referred to as LMO (Labour Market Opinion).
This process involves several requirements that are mandatory to be met by an organization to qualify and get a Positive Approval / Confirmation LMIA.

Some certain requirements are:

  • Demonstrated Skilled Shortages
  • Sufficient Recruitments Efforts to fill the position locally
  • Financial capability to pay the foreign worker(s)
  • Other certain factors

Often our business clients have discussed certainly that they have to face difficulty in meeting a few specific requirements due to their complex nature and inconsistency in time.

Pure Immigration offers expertise and personalized services to such organizations or businesses to prepare the application with fluency and represent their organization to the Government Authorities proficiently. Please feel open and easy to CONTACT US for further information or to help you out with your queries on Hiring Foreign Workers with the LMIA Program. You can be at ease and laid-back while we process your application on your behalf.

LMIA and Canada Work Permit Connection

Obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment from your future employer is a significant process for any work related to immigration. Also, take note that, though LMIA approves, it does not guarantee the grant of Work Permit to an applicant. The Canada Work Permit is controlled and decided upon by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) at the associated Visa Office (Overseas) or a local Case Processing Centre in Canada (in case the applicant is already staying in Canada).
Therefore, it is the CIC who administers and grants Work Permit to the applicants on the following grounds:

  • Demanded Education / Work Experience,
  • Language Skills and other requirements obligated by the authority for approval
  • Evidence of living in the home country (enough pay to go back to the home country after the legally fixed duration of staying)
  • Other required factors
    As stated, the Work Permit applicant needs to qualify based on his / her own merits instead of the positive confirmation or approval of the LMIA. Withal, this is the only certain step within the whole immigration procedures.


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